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Avocado Oil and Your Skin

Here are some reasons we are totally inviting avocado oil to the skin care party. The skin is the largest single organ in the body. It is also the first line of defense against common dangers for the human body. People need to take care of their skin for better health. Additionally, the skin reflects our inner physical health. For healthy skin, a lot of care needs to be taken both internally and externally.

People often spend thousands in buying beauty and skin care products trying to achieve the best skin they can. What is even more astonishing is the fact that a majority of the synthetic skin care products eventually cause more harm than good. Additionally, their effects are not long lasting, despite costing a fortune. However, you do not have to go through all these troubles. You can achieve a healthy and great looking skin with all natural skincare. The secret lies in avocado oil.

Just as the name suggests, avocado oil is extracted from the avocado fruit. Many people are still unaware of the immense health benefits of avocado oil, not only for skin care but the whole body in general. In fact, you can enjoy most of the benefits of avocado oil by just eating the avocado fruit itself.

Avocado oil is commercially available for all natural skincare in various forms. One may find it as plain avocado oil while it is also found in numerous natural skin care soaps and cosmetic products. The benefits can be enjoyed through one or all of these means. It all depends on the individual, and whichever products they are comfortable with. As a skincare product, benefits of avocado oil are unlimited. However, the most common and proven benefits include:

  1. Smoothening of the skin

Avocado oil and products containing avocado oil have been seen to be very effective in smoothening of the skin. This quality is attributed to the various healthy monounsaturated fatty acids present, and abundant supply of Vitamin E. These ingredients are effective in smoothening the skin, thus maintaining a silky tone. The high levels of Vitamin E prevent the skin from inflammations and itchiness, as well as softening rough and cracked patches, resulting in a healthy and soft skin. The presence of antioxidants also helps avocado oil in the soothing of sunburned skin.

  1. Moisturizing the skin

The cosmetic products market is full of skin moisturizing products. However, a majority of these products are filled with harmful chemical compounds. However, avocado oil is commonly being used as a substitute for chemicals in natural moisturizers. Additionally, natural moisturizers tend to show better results, with long lasting effects. They also have minimal or no side effects at all.

Avocado oil penetrates deep into the skin, helping achieve quicker results. This is vital in keeping the skin soft and hydrated. The humectancy in the avocado oil prevents the skin from drying out, keeping it hydrated for longer periods. The moisturizing effects of avocado oil are greatly seen in individuals with dry skin.

  1. Treating Acne

The single largest tragedy as far as the skin is concerned is acne. It is among the most troubling skin conditions. Acne is quite common, especially among teenagers. Although numerous treatments are available for acne, a majority of them have disappointing results. Additionally, not many have proven as efficient as avocado oil. Avocado oil works as a great moisturizer to soothe the effects of acne as well as prevent them. Its great penetrative abilities enable it to kill-off dead cells and unclog the pores. Avocado oil also limits the inflammations caused by sebaceous glands.

  1. As an Anti-aging Product

Just like any other part of the body, the skin requires energy to function properly. Mitochondria present in the skin cells produces energy from nutrients. The process of breaking down nutrients to give energy sometimes leads to the formation of harmful free radicals. These unstable chemicals usually affect the mitochondria and other cell components, resulting in an unhealthy and aging skin.

Avocado oil is filled with properties that contain and neutralize the free radicals. Its ability to penetrate deep into the skin ensures these properties reach all the cells in the skin. Containing the free radicals ensures the skin cells are working properly, preventing the skin from aging. Avocado oil can also reverse the damage already caused by the free radicals, thus rejuvenating the skin.

Avocado oil also contains sterolin, lecithin, and natural steroids that boost collagen production. Besides softening the skin, sterolin reduces the appearance of age spots. Lecithin, on the other hand, helps deliver nutrients directly to the bloodstream and deeper layers of the skin. These qualities also prevent the skin from aging.

  1. As a Sunscreen

Sunscreen creams and lotions are ever on a higher demand as compared to other beauty products. This is because no one wants to compromise on the color of their skin. Avocado oil is one of the several natural oils found to be effective sunscreens. Studies have shown that the natural oils are much better compared to artificial products.

Organic oils have a high proportion of good mono-saturated fats that form a protective layer that protects the skin from harmful sun rays. Avocado oil has deep penetrating characteristics that enable it to take the mono-saturated fats and spread them all over the skin as a protective barrier.

Avocado oil application

Avocado oil as an all natural skincare product has numerous advantages. Therefore, one needs to know how best to apply it. Well, this usually depends on the form in which one uses it. If it is an ingredient in one of the beauty products an individual is using, then it is only necessary to follow the application procedures on the product.

However, some people may prefer to buy or extract the avocado oil for their customized use. In such a case, it can be applied in several ways. One of these ways is by enjoying a sensuous bath. Avocado oil is mixed with other essential oils and added to bathing water.

Secondly, one can use avocado oil homemade lotion after a shower. The lotion is simply made by mixing avocado oil with olive oil. For best results, it should be applied at least twice a day.

Avocado oil may also be used as hot oil for the hair treatment. Not only does it care for your scalp, but dry hair shafts also absorb it.

Avocado Oil