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Benefits of Mango Butter to the Skin and Hair

Mango butter is a kernel fat extracted from a mango fruit.  The butter is semi-solid in area temperature which immediately melts when in contact with the skin. With its melting point ranging from 32 to 42 degrees Celsius, it makes it appropriate for the manufacturing of moisturizing products such as baby ointments, hair shampoos, and sun care creams. It is also used as creams for shaving that aids lock in wetness during shaving and at the same time can be used as equivalent with other massage creams. This is attributed to its moisturizing feature which calms and eases an individual due to the sweet smell it generates. Mango butter is a soft substance with a yellow color extracted from desiccated mango fruits. Mango oil can always be used in place of cocoa butter when manufacturing chocolate. It has a sweet smell and is very soft for soothing the skin making it suitable for manufacturing of mango butter products. Mango butter is particularly not greasy making it easy for the skin to absorb.

Mango Butter benefits

Mango butter has an important value placed on the health of individuals due to its nutrient rich characteristics. The product has various benefits that include;

  1. Mango butter has been used traditionally in the tropics and rain-forest areas for treating wounds due to its regenerative properties and restoration of flexibility.
  2. It also can be used for protection against harmful UV radiations as well as relieving insect bites.
  3. It’s healing characteristics extend to curing muscle weariness, tension and ache ensuring relaxation.
  4. It also treats dermatitis and can be used to manage eczema.
  5. The product is also known to nourish internal body parts as well as protect the skin from sunburns with its moisture and vitamin A, C and E which traps free radicals existing in sun rays.
  6. In addition to treating the skin, mango butter is also used for the manufacturing of hair products due to its softness and moistening properties.

Mango butter for skin

In skin care, mango butter is preferred as it has vital fatty acids that are important for moisturizing. Mango butter is composed of essential acids that include; oleic acid, soaked fatty acids, and unsaturated omega acids. The skin uses these ingredients to repair any damaged tissue, moisturizing and improving elasticity.

First, it promotes collagen secretion that aids in giving the skin strength and shape allowing for the skin to remain tight and firm all the time. Collagen makes the skin firmer reducing instances of skin sagging.

Secondly, mango butter is known for its source of vitamin A that promotes cell regeneration, keeping the skin firm and preventing appearances of wrinkles and stretch marks. Mango butter is usually regarded as a skin regenerate that reduces stretch marks and scars on the skin. When used both before and after exposure to the sun, mango oil heals sunburns on the skin and prevents penetration of harmful radiations through the skin membrane. Also, it treats eczema and heals dry patches and can further be used as a lip balm.

Lastly, can be used to heal small wounds and cracks on the skin faster when applied and also have an importance in soothing insect bites.

Mango butter for hair

Mango butter has better hair moistening ability than other oils due to the large amounts of “saturated and mono-saturated fats” it contains. It is usually used in treating dry hair, frizzy and damaged hair due to its nourishing feature. With its vitamins, it is used in massaging scalps thus keeping it healthier. This butter has moisture properties that help to keep the hair softer and relaxing for longer time periods. As they have a higher number of both saturated and the mono-saturated fats than other oils, they easily penetrate the cuticle of the hair to strengthen it from inside better than other creams. Also, mango butter helps activate shining of the hair though not as good as other oils. Combined with other butter products, it works well as its moistening property is added and thus works better. It is softer than other oil products which make it melt faster allowing it for easier application to the hair and create the moistening effect required in treating human hair.

Unrefined mango butter

Unrefined mango butter also known as raw mango butter has rich fatty acids that are beneficial to the skin which makes it an important addition to soaps and body lotions. It has high amounts of antioxidants that boost natural skin care. The elevated levels of layers of natural fats also make it excellent for treating hair and maintaining its softness. Unrefined mango butter’ increased level of antioxidants allows for faster renewal of skin cells preventing the formation of wrinkles and also neutralizes toxins. Raw mango butter is regarded highly as versatile due to its ability to keep the skin moist for longer time duration. It contains calcium, magnesium and folic acids in addition to vitamins A, E, C, D and vitamins of group B. These ingredients boost its ability to heal rashes, irritations and tightening the skin. It is preferred by most beauty plus skin care industries due to its sweet and nutritious features which offer great potential for healthy skin. Unrefined mango butter has the ability to create oil that is rich in nutrients that make the skin smooth and soft.

Body butter

A body butter is manufactured by mixing several ingredients, for instance, mango butter, shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil and essential oils such as lavender. Used for rejuvenating dry skin, particularly in cold seasons. Revives sore knees and elbows during the cold weathers as it made up of many different ingredients particularly a natural butter that is heavy and creamy.

What is Mango Butter? What are its Benefits to the Skin and Hair?