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Chocolate Mint Lip Balm


Your lips have never been yummier – Chocolate mint lip balm.

Our  Chocolate Mint Lip Balm is an all natural lip moisturizer. The ingredients used all work together to provide the best weather protection for your lips no matter what season.

Inspired by my favourite ice cream Chocolate Chip Mint.  A delectable mixture of chocolate and peppermint in a luscious lip balm.

We have chosen the following ingredients to make this Chocolate Mint lip balm 100% natural  and the properties of the individual ingredients work together to make it exceptional.

Beeswax properties that sooth and soften skin, making it the perfect ingredient to keep your lips moisturized.

Virgin Coconut Oil rapidly relieves the underlying inflammation while offering protection from further moisture loss. Natural sun protection factor.

Jojoba a natural, very valuable plant wax. It acts as an emmollient & moisturizer.

Vitamin E Oil protects your lips from sun damage and also serves as a light lip gloss.

Castor Oil will rejuvenate the dead cells, prevent chapped lips and leave them moisturized.

100% natural and has just the right balance of natural oils and wax to relieve chapped lips without feeling greasy.

Smell of mint is out of this world.

Multi-purpose: can be used as a hand salve too.. in particular makes a fabulous moisturizer for any part of the body.

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