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Face Oil

(3 customer reviews)


Natural plant oils nourish the skin, hydrate the skin, heal the skin, and balance the skin, no matter what the skin “type” is. Naturally, luxury organic face oils are perfect for hydrating the driest skin, but one of the best treatments for oily skin and breakouts is also organic face oil. Your body loves the real thing! Real vitamins and nutrients from plant life are often better absorbed and synthesised by the skin than synthetic ones.

Light yet deeply hydrating.


The fix all face oil – the ultimate skin secret.

  • No matter your skin type, try face oil for the first time and you’ll see serious benefits right away. Most oils are already naturally packed with ingredients like antioxidants, polyphenols and omega fatty acids.
  • We mostly use face oil to basically moisturize BUT is is also amazing for makeup touch-ups. Instead of adding more make-up, pat some oil on to revive the makeup you already have on.
  • Beyond multipurpose: makeup remover, cuticle and under eye cream, lipbalm
  • Face oil returns moisture and elasticity to your skin, smoothing wrinkles and soothing irritation in the process.
  • For the very dry skin, massage in some face oil, then layer over with rich moisturizer.
  • Face oil needs no extra ingredients to make it sink in.




  1. carolyne

    Been using the face oil for a month now and my skin loves it. I have had bad acne for years that has a result left my skin scarred with many black spots. For the one month I have been applying the face oil in the evening, my skin feels softer, smoother and the spots have faded considerably. It’s also vale for money considering the price and comes in a lovely bottle.This a great product for those with problem skin as well as those who want to maintain their skin’s health.

    • Squeezie

      Glad to hear your skin loves it. Thank you for being here.

  2. Germaine Nzisa

    This oil is pure magic! It’s so light, smells amazing, blends so well with my skin and my skin has improved majorly. I had rough, patch dry skin and it has take U turn for the best. I’m currently using the Rose hip + argan oil and I’m glad I did.

  3. Jenerika Berglund

    I have just started using the face oil and 2 weeks into it, loves how my skin feels. Love love

    • Squeezie

      Awesome! Thank you Jenerika.

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