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Mango Shea Lip Balm


This lip nourisher is enriched with Mango and Shea Butters and Vitamin E richly hydrates and seals in moisture.  Our exclusive petroleum~free balm heals dry and cracked lips leaving them lush, soft, moist and youthful~looking.

Who it’s for: anyone and everyone who wants healthy, hydrated and soft lips – fast!  For all skin types, even sensitive skin.

Why it’s different: our petroleum-free formula truly hydrates & nourishes your lips, not coat them.  Since lips do not have oil glands, it’s especially important to treat & protect them with healing ingredients such as Mango & Shea Butters packed with rich antioxidants & healing benefits.  Petroleum based lip balms creates a barrier on your lips rather than hydrating them, leading to “lip balm addiction.”

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