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Rice Bran Oil for Skin, Hair and Health

Rice Bran Oil

Rice is one of the important food crops in the world. Statistical analysis indicates that more than half of the world’s total pollution eats rice as main part of their meals. In Some communities, the entire meal is nothing else but pure rice. Here comes a different outstanding rice variety, the rice bran.

The rice bran oil is obtained from after chaffing the hard outer of the brown rice. The oil is remarkable on its high smoke level of 232 degrees, the mild flavor, which makes it appropriate for extreme temperature cooking methods like deep frying and stir flying. Its popularity is profound in countries such as Japan, China, India and Bangladesh.

Rice bran oil contains similar composition to peanut oil with the relatively equal amount of 35% polyunsaturated, 25%saturated fatty acids and 38% monustrated. Due to the variety of elements the oil is used for different purposes such as,


From literature review the rice brown oil constitutes active elements that are essential for reducing overall plasma cholesterol and on the other hand increasing HDL cholesterol composition.


A chemical test called Y-oryzanol, provided that, a large number of women are relieved from flush pains after taking purified substrates for four to six weeks.

Safeguards against cancer

Adopting regular use of rice bran oil can significantly decrease the chances of developing cancer in your body. The oil contains tocotrienols and tocopherols, which are naturally anti- mutagenic substances. Their presence in the oil makes it effective in protecting you against cancer, which is caused by the free radicals.

Calcium Absorption

Rice bran is appropriate for lowering cholesterol since the oil is composed of essential substances that help the body to reduce cholesterol absorption and also boost elimination of cholesterol. More scientific research indicates that some elements decrease calcium absorption in the body consequently lessen the formation of kidney stones in the body.

Antioxidants stability

Brown rice oil contains stable antioxidant, oryzanol content, that remains almost the same even after passing a heating process of 180˚C for 8 hours,

Rice Bran for Skin

This oil is a secret behind beautiful Asians and Japanese ladies. Main compositions include vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients.  A good example is the Asian women who apply rice oil directly on their skin.

Rice Bran Oil a natural Antioxidant.

Currently, skin care products labeled antioxidants, are attracting ladies and a significant percent of Men. The fact remains that, the antioxidants are essential in fighting free radicals hence reducing the pace of your skin aging.  Here comes the main difference.

The antioxidants used in creams are composed of very active chemical which most medical experts will not recommend. Some health concerned designers are searching for natural ingredients to enhance beauty.

Brown rice oil is a solution to the journey of beauty for you. The reason that makes the oil override other cosmetics in the beauty industry is its high content in free from harmful and unnecessary components. As a result, it can provide you with many benefits:

Benefits of bran oil on your skin.

The oil has no side effects when applied directly on your face and all over the body. It might also be mixed with other skin care products without resulting to undesirable skin conditions.

  • Protects the skin from sunburns
  • The oil does not clog skin pores.
  • It is easily absorbed into the skin hence no discomfort of excessive oiliness.
  • Rice bran oil is an inflammatory element and helps to sooth and calm down irritated skin.
  • Elements in the oil result to brightening and slight whitening of the skin.
  • Been rich in fatty acids and vitamin E, the oil can penetrate into your skin layers, nourish and soften your skin. You will be fascinated to see your skin getting younger after using this oil.
  • Nourishing your skin, rice bran oil makes your skin look plump and more youthful.
  • Since it’s composed of natural ingredients, the oil boosts regeneration process of your skin.
  • It improves moisture retention of your skin, and this makes your skin look softer and smoother.
  • It can reduce the appearance of fine line and wrinkles.
  • Rice bran oil offers protection to the skin against external hostility such as the wind, the polluted environment in the town, cold especially the chilling effects and the ultraviolet rays as mentioned earlier.

Rice Bran Oil for Hair

The hair is an important part when considering beauty. Therefore, it is paramount to use the right elements when treating it. Here is a clear guideline to enhance beauty using rice bran oil.

Rice bran oil is rich in elements that can give your hair the best outfit.  People with this secret are currently using it, and you as well can gain advantages below;

The oil is a protection against sun damage. Not everyone is blessed with resistant hair and if you fall into this category feel you still belong in the world of beauty. You need to apply natural ingredient oil from rice bran and protect your hair.

For dull hair, the oil rejuvenates its appearance making it shinier and healthier.

Maintains your scalp oily

The high nutritional value of the rice bran gives the oil the ability to nourish and strengthen your hair.

Using rice bran oil for massage can aid to fight dandruff.

Regular application of the oil results to a stronger and easily manageable hair. If your hair looks weak and loose, then you have an answer to make yourself prettier.

A large number of cosmetic users are currently searching for natural ingredients to keep them beautiful. It is necessary you make sure that, natural ingredients will not cause an allergic effect on your body.

However, if your body is compatible with natural ingredients, then you should not hesitate to use rice bran oil for your skin and hair treatment. The benefits of these natural beauty ingredients extend to infinity ranging from cooking to beauty. That’s why you should not be amazed of the increased use and praises of this product among the youths and women.

Rice Bran Oil for Skin, Hair and Health

What do you do with your rice water? Will you be seeing it differently after reading this?